The World
Dartesia is the elvish name for the material plane. It consists of 27 countries spread out across 9 continents and 7 oceans. There is a large dichotomy between many of these countries; some are alchemically and technologically advanced, with steam-powered cities and firearms, while others consists of vague agreements between primitive tribal leaders. Some are bloated political machines and others are nations in name only. The international landscape is tumultuous, with the Theocratic Regency of Bautia having declared war on and successfully conquered half of the southern hemisphere, being the supreme naval and military power. The clockwork kingdoms of Grado and Siguard wage a decades-long war in the trenches of no-man’s-land that lie between their cities. The uncivilized world is slowly disappearing as the foggy corners of maps are written-in, commerce is brought to foreign jungles, and military might consumes the resources of untouched lands. Only in the farthest and most desolate reaches of the globe are mysteries still to be unraveled; the Issian Wilds, arctic tundras and Shambese mountains remain unlit by the fires of civilization. Rumors speak of dastardly plots, poisoned steel wreathed in cloaks of finery and gold which weave like viral tendrils through the heart of commerce, evidenced in the growing prevalence of black market thuggery and assassination. The residual magics of the Elven Earth, which collapsed at the end of the second age with the rise of Man, are investigated by scholars who operate in secret societies and arcane orders, while the magics of divinity and religion hold sway over the richest thrones of the civilized world. From the daunting panoramas of Obai to the quiet wastes of Zigratt; from the razed hills of Morheth to the black depths of the Unending Cascade; from the white flags of Bautia to the grey steel of Grimwelt; from the broken statues of Pherae to the crumbling aristocracy of Audessia, children grow to see the clouds on the horizon, and weather many storms before they are taken into the earth and stars.

Pahfinder Gestalt